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The project was virtually 100% complete by October 2021. There were a few small things to be completed along with further testing. Finally the clock owner's tools, winding keys were finished. Then the creation of crating and custom packing was done in May of 2022. Delivery was in June. Below are final photos made of the clock before it left the firm of Buchanan as well as a cover article in the Horological Journal published at the same time. There is also a link to a Zoom presentation that will give the reader a sense of the project throughout it creation and explanation of the various 64 complications and 7 special mechanical systems.


The September 2021 issue of the Horological Journal featured an eight page article on the completion of the project.



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On Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Frank will giving a presentation on the

Astronomical Skeleton Clock!


Upcoming NAWCC Zoom Event!


Join a live Zoom presentation on Thursday, October 21 at 7:30 p.m. EST to learn about the complex astronomical skeleton clock commissioned by Mark Frank and built by Buchanan of Chelmsford, Australia. This machine has nearly 8,000 parts and is now fully built after several years of work.


To sign up, click here to open the NAWCC Events page for this presentation.



The Zoom presentation was maxed out at over 100 participants and lasted nearly two hours. One can view a recording og of this PowerPoint presentation here: .

Following are two videos and then the final still photos of the project, please be forewarned this is hard-core, gear-head porn.


The Astronomical skeleton clock on a rotating table.


This video shows the various components of the machine both still and being demonstrated

All photos below are linked to more photo pages



The September 2021 issue of the Horological Journal featured an eight page article on the completion of the project. 

There was a three-part article that covered the last third of the construction in the November/December 2021, January/February 2022 and the last part in the May/June 2022 issue illustrated above. The first article showing the original mockup made in 2006 was featured in the August 2007 issue, then two more progress reports in the April 2011 and March/April 2017 issues of the NAWCC Bulletin.

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