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Debugging completed, wood sub base surround finished, final photography and videography finished, NAWCC Zoom presentation.             October 2021

In recognition of the completion of the project two detailed video montages as well as photos for future articles in the NAWCC Bulletin are included in this installment. The front and rear cover issue of the September Horological Journal featured an eight page article, and an additional three-part series is being published in the Bulletin beginning with the current November/December issue and explores what has been documented since the last article that appeared in the March/April 2017 issue.

Top set of pendulum spring mediators. These are made of Elinvar to give temperature compensation. The center dial is used to control the tension and has a vernier fine control for accurate readings.

The same set of springs and vernier control are located on the bottom spring set.

Note the beautiful finishing on the larger brass surfaces. These have all been protected with a lacquer coat.

These show the large ant-friction wheels supporting one of the pendulums.

A decorative, blued escutcheon on the main wheel ratchet.

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