Following are some organizations and periodicals that I belong and subscribe to:

   timekeeperB.bmp (6150 bytes)    National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC)

   ban134.bmp (39766 bytes)   NAWCC Tower Clock Chapter #134                      

 NAWCC Chicagoland Chapter 3    NAWCC Chicagoland Chapter #3

                        NAWCC Horology - The Index . A terrific resource for all manner of horological information.

 bhilogo.bmp (37878 bytes)  British Horological Institute

image3a.bmp (40882 bytes)  Antiquarian Horological Society

thumbnail.jpg (85905 bytes)  Clocks, the monthly magazine for clock collectors, repairers and makers worldwide

For folks into TIME LOCKS, combination locks, safes and vaults there is a Facebook page one can join: Safe and Vault collectors:

Here are some links I've found to be quite informative:

Watch Academy

 en-home2.bmp (7478 bytes) A site by Aldo Javier Albinarrate devoted to a pictorial record of tower clocks around the world. Contains much interesting information on history and restorations.  . A simply amazing and pictorially rich site covering scores of the world's notable clocks. If you can't travel there or get into the towers this is the next best thing. It is, however, in French, but the photos are enough and there is a rough translation available through Google.

berne.bmp (34102 bytes)  Links to Tower Clocks Sites World Wide, Views of tower clocks around the world by Donn Haven Lathrop

toine avatar.jpg (606177 bytes) Toine Daelmans, Netherlands.  A site for tower clocks and astronomical clocks. Professional tower clock restoration, installation, repair and preservation. (In Dutch language).

 Puja electric.jpg (7302 bytes) Barrie's virtual museum of clocks. A collection of pictures and information about more than
200 clocks, including many electric clocks and master clocks.

  f67.jpg (37868 bytes)  Delightful Machines, Information for the person interested in remontoire and many other aspects of horology.  

       logocarlo.jpg (6306 bytes)     Carlo Croce master clock maker, Cogorno, Italy                         

  S&G 2mvt-black dials axx.jpg (579709 bytes)  A site by Paul A. Prescott featuring time and other kinds of locks.

  Paul Strickland links picture.gif (41984 bytes)  Paul Strickland. Specialists in antique, electric and turret clocks, England.

  home_clock_small3.jpg (5781 bytes)   Peter Holtby. Master clock maker and builder of the Millenium clock featured in the skeleton clock section.

  CardLModel.jpg (2905 bytes)  Gilbert Veraart, Netherlands. Pulsyntetic electric clock site.

Barock3_WEB.jpg (35836 bytes)  Interclock Antik. A german firm specializing in the sale of tower clocks.

  Astronomical clock building. Pieter Merckx shows several planisperic-based clocks he has built.

wpe6.jpg (12107 bytes)  A fascinating private museum containing a complete planetarium in ceiling of the house! Located in Zuylenburgh, Holland

Clock . History of Westclox clocks and watches, and history of Telechron, Seth Thomas and Standard Electric Time Company clocks.

Collectible A vintage and antique directory. A U.K. firm established in 1856 and still making tower clocks, architectural and specialty time pieces