Sargent & Greenleaf, Rochester New York - miscellaneous

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                                 S&G bolt plate.JPG (610048 bytes) A

                    S&G #6 ad plate (2).JPG (880881 bytes)

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A. Sargent and Greenleaf as well as most other time lock makers made fancy name plates for their devices. Sometimes these would be quite decorative as were many aspects of the time locks and the vault door mechanisms. This was done mainly as a sales tool to emphasize the value, beauty, quality and security of their products.

B. The installation of a time lock was optional on most safes. If a safe was delivered without the time lock installed, the area where such a lock would go might have had an advertising plaque mounted on a wooden dummy box in it's place like the one pictured. The plaque itself was made of the same materials and finished with the same exterior damascene as would be on the actual time lock. The holes and matching bolts where the actual time lock would be mounted are shown. Apparently this practice of mounting a plaque on a dummy box was rare, as few plaques survive and very few with the original dummy box. There are no other examples of a No. 6  S&G time lock plaque known. c. 1910. The last photo shows the plaque next to an example of a #6 time lock. file 78

However, below are photos of a No. 4 S&G dummy plaque as originally mounted onto the safe door.

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