Diebold Safe & Lock Co., Canton, Ohio - 3 movements, Type 3 and Tisco model

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A. Model - Type 3. c.1900. Type 3 was used on vault doors with conventional bolt work and the time lock would dog that bolt work through the case.The case displays this company's' penchant for intricate case design using their acid etching technique. In this instance an art deco motif. Click here for a floral design and here for a similar deco design in a two movement version. This model had an integral bolt mechanism designed to be used with a conventional manually operated bolt control. This required the case to be about 3/4" deeper, all other dimensions remaining the same. The forth photo shows the lock as found. There were later 1950's Swiss movements in this older case. I had decided to undertake a restoration of the case and bolt mechanism and replace the damaged movements with a set of E. Howard movements that would have been found originally with this case. Case #3850, 5 1/4" w x 4 5/16" h x 2 1/2" d. file 99

B. Model - Type 3. c. 1940's. Same type case as in A, but of contemporary period with Swiss movements. See example in Diebold vault door below. file 48

C. Tisco model, c. 1900. Beginning in 1895 and continuing through 1900 Diebold produced several time locks for use in their Tisco line of safes. The safe that this lock was used in was similar in appearance to the Cannonball style of safe, but not in design. Unique to the Tisco line, the time lock was designed to be mounted upside down. This may have minimized mounting space in the small area of the Tisco door.- These movements have an additional gear between the winding square and dial wheel. Normally the gear on the winding square meshes directly with the dial wheel. This smaller configuration was necessary to fit into the tight confines of the Tisco safe door, see below. This example also has a manual override lever that will disable the lock. Case #7697. 5 1/4" w x 3 3/8" h x 1 7/8" d.  file 167

D. Model - Type 3? A later version of the earlier Type 3 from the 1960's using Swiss made movements. Locks from this era usually had the metal and glass front door replaced with a permanently screwed-on plastic front. Often integral magnifying bubbles were incorporated into the design for better reading of the dials. 5 1/4" w x 4 5/16" h x 2 3/4" d. file 30

Below are photos of a three movement Diebold time lock the same as depicted in 'C' in a Cannonball safe door. In this design the entire time lock is protected behind a separate metal door. The last photo gives a sense of scale of the entire door compared to the man's hand, quite small indeed. Cannonball type safes were one of the most popular models made and many time lock companies made locks that could work in this type of safe such as  Banker's Dustproof, as well as Yale's LS31, Y-361 and Triple L .


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