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Look closely at the escapement and diagram below. This is a peculiar example of a crutchless escapement. Unusual in the fact that it is employed on a dead beat lever type escapement rather than the customary pinwheel. The four inch diameter escapement wheel is impulsed and locked by the pallets attached to each arm that are connected to the rollers. The arms are pivoted in the middle. This allows the assembly to rock back and forth; driven by the rollers as they climb and descend the pendulum's contoured surface when it swings back and forth. Hence the German term 'rollenanchor' - rolling anchor escapement. Although technically this is a deadbeat lever escapement rather than an anchor escapement with its' requisite recoil properties. The theory of this design is sound, it eliminates the pendulum crutch and its' inaccuracies with a direct impulse and lock from the pendulum. In practice, due to the additional moving parts of the rollers and the play along their arbors, any advantage gained by this design is largely negated by these factors. It is, however, a unique and interesting escapement to watch.

The last picture shows another Hörz model with a Robin style remontoire. Click here for more details on that clock.

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