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Three train with hour and quarter hour count wheel strike. Cast iron post and strap frame. Deadbeat lever with 'rolling anchor' escapement arrangement and adjustable pallets. Spring - loaded bolt and shutter type maintaining power. 25.5"w x 21"h x 22"d.

The rolling anchor escapement (technically not an anchor escapement - click on picture below for a further discussion) can be seen displayed prominently with the large escapement wheel on the upper, front - center. The rollers below the escapement wheel follow the contours attached to the pendulum and thus actuate the escape pallets. The escapement was a proprietary design of Horz, patented in 1862. The pendulum design is another example of a 'crutchless' pendulum; popular in German made tower clocks. It also incorporates a ring on the top of the pendulum which prevents the pendulum assembly from crashing to the ground in the event of a suspension spring failure. See Schwalbach and Hainz tower clocks for other examples of crutchless pendulums. Many tower clocks from Germany were mounted in their own custom wood cabinets to protect them from the elements.

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