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S. B. Gaze (Samuel Bartholomew Gaze), London. c. 1830's. Movement 10"w x 13"h x 5"d, base & dome 12"h x 16.5"h x 6.5"d. Two train rack and snail hour / half hour strike with facility for trip repeat from a ring under the base.  Great wheels for driving fusee, anchor type escapement. Duration two weeks.  Six baluster pillar, hybrid rafter style frame, 1/4" thick.

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The outstanding feature of this clock is the magnificent wheel work. The spokes are all delicately cut into a star profile. They have the classic English design of narrow wheel rims supporting tall-profile teeth. In conventional designs the hounds-tooth ratchet wheels are usually up against the fusee rim, being hard to see. here they float in plain sight midway between the great wheel's rim and the edge of the fusee.

The only other known example is illustrated in Skeleton Clocks, F.B. Royard-Collard, page 33.  That clock is claimed to be made by a J. Wallis of Tabernacle Walk, Finsbury Square. However, there are no references for this maker. The dial is wrong for the period, having a wider profile that was popular in the later half of the 1800's. This clock's narrow profile dial is consistent for the period and the maker is listed in both Britten's and Loomes in the appropriate period and location. The bell is signed on the inside with four inscriptions, the first being somewhat difficult to read - Rohe Jiely 1833 / & Octo 1841 / & June 1848 / & LMA Octo. 1973.

Provenance: Carter Wright, Ltd., Gloucestershire, England.

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