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Maker, E. Dent, London, England, c.1970's. Movement 16"h x 11"w x 6"d excluding base and case. Another nice example from this quality clock maker. William Hardy balance wheel with helical spring, chronometer escape wheel. Chronometer wheel diameter 4 1/2", 4 second period. Chronometer wheel driven by complex, separate spring remontoire invented by William Hardy. Everything about the escapement is huge and robust. Escape arbor rides in roller bearings. Due to the large mass of the chronometer wheel and it's spring in addition to the remontoire, there is a greater demand for power. Employed are a pair of spring barrels; each having two springs. This clock was made as a sister piece to another chronometer model by the same firm to show off details of the chronometer escapement, but was a much more expensive and therefore rarer model.

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Provenance: Sotheby's, Amsterdam, May 20, 2008, lot #436

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