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Maker, E. Dent, London, England, c.1970's. 16" x 8"w x 6"d excluding base and case. Another nice example from this quality clock maker. Thomas Earnshaw style spring detent escapement with helical spring, chronometer escape wheel. Chronometer wheel diameter 4 1/2", 4 second period. Day indicator hand revolves once per year. Everything about the escapement is huge and robust. Escape arbor rides in roller bearings. Due to the large mass of the chronometer wheel and spring there is a greater demand for power; the spring barrel has two springs. This clock was made as a sister piece to another chronometer model by the same firm to show off details of the chronometer escapement. Note the very steep profile of the 4" diameter fusee and compare this to the more gentle profile in the E. Dent, Congreve model.

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Provenance: Derek Roberts 1994

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