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Maker unknown. English, c. 1850. Single train with oversized platform, lever type escapement. Duration 120 days ( 3 months). Everything about the construction of this clock is on the massive, heavy and robust scale. The spring barrel is 4.25 inches in diameter by 2.25 inches wide and drives a very heavy fusee chain. Plates are 1/4 inch thick with six oversized pillars. Long duration is achieved through a combination of great power through a large spring and an extra wheels in the going train (six wheels exclusive of the platform escapement module). Twelve turns of the fusee gives the full duration.

This exact clock is illustrated in British Skeleton Clocks, Derek Roberts, page 250-251.  There are no other known examples of this clock; indicating that this may have been a 'one off' design.

Provenance: Albert Odmark collection, England. George D. Demitroff collection sold at Sotheby's, New York, April 5, 2004, lot #38.

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