Skeleton Clock Collection, Page Four

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    Inverted Y-frame great wheel with seconds beating balance wheel, France, c. 1815 
    Pinwheel escapement controlled by balance wheel. Custom wheel spoke design.

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James Condliff, Liverpool, England, c. 1830's. W. Jackson, London, England. c. 1830. Unknown, c. 1850, England
Two train. Balance wheel w/ lever escapement. First series by Condliff. Two train, Balance wheel with Debaufre (chaff cutter) deadbeat escapement. Count wheel strike. Single train, platform lever escapement, 3 month duration.


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Rougel a Langres, Repu, France, 1849. Unknown, probably Belgian, c. 1820. Unknown, c. mid 1800's, probably from England.
Two train, Graham deadbeat escapement. Two week duration.  Two train-but quarter strike w/ compound count-wheel,  tic-tac recoil escapement, 3.75 minute Robert Robin chain remontoire. Exhibition piece. Two train, anchor escapement. Frame and most of movement made of ivory and bone. Only two train example known.


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Julien Gourdin, Mayat, France, mid 1800's Charles MacDowall, Wakefield, England, c. 1830-1835. Evans of Handsworth, England. c. 1860
Three train, Graham deadbeat escapement, count-wheel, quarter strike. Has 10 second swinging-frame style gravity remontoire. Fourteen day duration.  Single train, deadbeat escapement. Gear train using unique helical tooth profile giving a one month duration. Single train, anchor escapement. Triple frame.

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