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Figure 16.

Remontoire as installed into the movement. The driving weight is seen hanging in front. This 4 oz. weight is sufficient to drive the pendulum of 25 lbs. There is an adjustable counterweight in the back to offset the mass of the rest of the remontoire mechanism and mediate the rate of recoil in conjunction with a flyfan (see Fig. 1). The wheel on the right foreground is directly connected to the pinwheel escape behind it making this essentially a two wheel going train. The remontoire also mechanically isolates the escapement from the rest of the going train and any error being transmitted back through the train from the clock hands due to violent weather.

The periodicity of the remontoire with this arrangement is 60 seconds. Later it was learned that this design, while perfectly fine in terms of timekeeping accuracy was not in accordance with the original design. Fig. 17 shows a drawing which will recreate the original periodicity of 15 seconds for the remontoire cycle.