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Rear view of the remontoire as acquired. The large object in the foreground is the counter weight. This offsets the mass of the remontoire rotating cage and through its adjustment will mediate the recoil of the cage as well as the driving power to the escape wheel. The smaller, hanging weight in the background is the driving weight. Its mass is under 4oz. but is enough to drive the 25lbs. pendulum. The broken off arbor is shown below the red line on the right. To this was attached the remontoire lock/release arm. This arm was long enough to just reach the locking cam shown to the right of the second, slanted red line. As the remontoire mechanism rotated counterclockwise the cam would rotate until the arm slipped off its edge. This begins the recoil cycle driven by the main weight of the going train. The remontoire is now moving clockwise; raising the remontoire drive weight back to its original position. The lock/release arm is rotating simultaniously counterclockwise. The cycle is stopped when the lock/release arm makes one revolution to re-engage the cam.