Tower Clocks for Sale - please email me for details and price.

You can shop conveniently and worry free. Take advantage of my knowledge of world-wide sources for quality tower clocks that took years to cultivate. I have been buying for my personal collection over the past decade. For clocks delivered directly from overseas, I also know the proper shippers who will correctly crate, ship and maneuver the clock through US Customs. You only need to be ready for the crate at your front door! Email me for price and other questions or if you would like to be put on my mailing list for any future offerings. Email me at .

Below are tower clocks I currently have for sale. Click on each picture to get further pictures and details. Email me with any inquiries. Prices quoted in the local currency of where the clock is currently located. Prices do not include shipping/importation costs.

Kent Flow Meter - Not a tower clock but a beautiful device nonetheless!

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