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SETH THOMAS, CONNECTICUT, USA, 1909, model #4, serial #1562.

Cast iron, plate and spacer frame. Movement set upon original Seth Thomas pillar. One second pendulum with metal rod. Movement 7.5 "w x 17"h x 8"d. With pillar 54"h, pillar base 13" diameter.

The smaller American tower clock movements have always been popular with collectors, this Seth Thomas #4 as well as E. Howard's #0. What sets this example apart is the rare addition of an original movement pillar by the same company. To the best of my knowledge Seth Thomas made few of these combinations. E. Howard never provided an integral pillar with their model.

              Seth Thomas pillar (1).JPG (823876 bytes)   Seth Thomas pillar.JPG (851536 bytes)

              Seth Thomas pillar (7).JPG (1012233 bytes)   Seth Thomas pillar (4).JPG (1007997 bytes) 

              Seth Thomas pillar (5).JPG (1050920 bytes)   Seth Thomas pillar (8).JPG (1006456 bytes)

Note the last photo above. Many have thought that the weight arrangement was for it to drop down through the throat of the base. This is not the case. The diameter of the throat is very small, too small for a reasonable weight (24 lb, 11 kg) to fit through. The drop of the base would only provide a couple of hours worth of duration. Of course one could have a hole drilled through the floor where the base was attached, but the actual set up was for the weight to be strung from above; angled to the base.

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