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ARSENE CRETIN, MORBIER (JURA) FRANCE, 1903. Retailed and installed by Victor Negre Montolieu (Aude), France.

Two train, hour and half hour strike with warning bell one minute prior to hour strike. Cast iron combination flat bed and chair frame design. Pinwheel escapement with Harrison style maintaining power on third wheel. One second pendulum with wooden rod. 29"h x 38.5"w x 26"d.

This tower clock has a visually pleasing design. An interesting feature is the one minute warning of one strike before the regular strike on the hour. Another is maintaining power on the second vs. the main wheel (going barrel). The frame design from the front appears to be a typical flat bed, but a side and above view reveals that the going train as one-half the width of the overall frame. The advantage of this arrangement is it's allowance for longer winding barrels to permit longer running times while allowing for short arbors in the rest of the train. Short arbors increase strength and economy of fabrication. Winding barrel features Harrison's' dual ratchet clicks set to click at 1/2 tooth intervals.

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