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Edward Dent, London, England, c.1970s   FOR SALE Carlo Croce, Cogorno, Italy. 2000 Carlo Croce, Cogorno, Italy. 1999. SOLD
Single train, anchor escapement. Epicyclical motion works. Based on William Strutts' original design of 1820. Serial #32 of 100 made. Single train, Arnfield gravity escapement, Invar pendulum, jeweled movement, perpetual calendar, equation of time, moonphase. Single train, transverse mounted 8 minute tourbillon w/ Mudge deadbeat escapement. Movement fully jeweled.


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Edward Dent, London, England, c.1970 Unknown, Italy, c. late 1400's.  Timothy Brameld, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1981.
Single train. Based on William Congreves' original design of 1808. Serial #134 of 150 produced. Two train, folio escapement. Alle Romana and la ribatta strike sequence; count wheel controlled. Possibly a unique example made on commission and based on a lighthouse clock made by James Clark in 1828 for the Cape Wrath Lighthouse, Scotland. 40 second remontoire and calendar work.


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Unknown, possibly Joyce, London, England, c.1870, SOLD Scherer, Paris, France, c. 1870. Addition of orrery by Roland Jarvis, England c. 1960. SOLD Timothy Brameld, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1987.
Single train, pinwheel w/ coup-perdue escapement. Moon phase sphere. Two train, Brocot escapement. With orrery containing planets from Mercury to Saturn.  Compensated,  1/2 second gridiron pendulum with temperature indicator. Single train regulator, 4 legged gravity escapement, movement fully jeweled.

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