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George Jamison, London, England, c.1800 James Edwards, Stourbridge, England, c. 1840. in the manner of James Condliff, Liverpool, England, c. 1860
Two train, two-plane anchor escapement, Greenwich Mean Time, perpetual calendar, moon's phase, age on top dial. Longitude and local time indicated by equatorial bands shown against various locations of the world. Local time indicated on rotating, silvered  annular rings. An original of this very rare clock. An iconic design. Anchor escapement. Wheels and pendulum bob made of decorative cut rock crystal and a metal outer band for the wheel teeth. Two train, Earnshaw detent chronometer escapement. Bell in wood base.


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Henri Lepaute, Paris, France, c.1813 William Renda, Paris, France. 1952 Unknown, England, c. 1830's
Two train,  great wheel, Chevalier de Béthune escapement, with calendar-day/date/month, 2 week duration Two train, great wheel, 1 minute flying tourbillon with pinwheel escapement. Two train, double great wheel, pinwheel escapement, fusee / going barrel within double frames.


Henri Lapaute, Paris, France, c. 1810 Edward J. Dent, no. 860, London, England, c.1850 Unknown, probably from England. c. 1900.
Two train, great wheel, pinwheel escapement, calendar with day/date/month/seasons, weight driven, 2 week duration. Single train, deadbeat escapement, half-second, mercury compensated pendulum, fully jeweled movement. A clock-work orrery combining an eight day duration Earnshaw chronometer clock with a four year duration spring barrel to drive a tellurian and orrery with the inner planets.

Eric Watson, Saddleworth, England, 1986 Unknown, Austria, c. 1850 Hubert Sarton, Liege, Belgium, c. 1800 
Unusual mechanical design using large epicyclical  annular gear rings (600 teeth) to drive the astronomical components. Club toothed lever escapement, 1 second spring remontoire, eight day duration. Single train driving with one minute remontoire and a Grande sonnerie chime.
Two train pinwheel escapement striking hour and half hour on count wheel, weight-driven, two week duration.

Huguenin, Paris, France, c. 1820   William Strutt & William Wigston, Derby, England, c. 1828 James Condliff, Liverpool, England, c. 1825 
Single train, pinwheel escapement, knife edge suspension.  Single train, recoil escapement, epicyclical wheel works. Single train, balance wheel, lever escapement. First Period series. 

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