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Maker - Henri Lepaute, Paris, France, c.1814. Movement net, 29"h x 10 1/2"w x 5"d, 31"h x 12"w x 7"d with dome. Two train, great wheel, Chevalier de Béthune escapement, half-seconds pendulum on knife edge suspension, count wheel strike on hour and passive strike on the half, gilt bezels and enamel dials indicating the day, month, and date, 2 week duration, on two tone double marble base with ormolu surround.


Shown above is a diagram made by the restorer, Buchanan of Australia, of the name scratchings found on the brass time and strike train main springs. The dark stripe in the center of the photo is one of the springs laid out on the paper. While the names are hard to make out the dates are legible. The strike train spring is dated 1813 and the time train 1812.


Here is a close up the time train spring with the 1812 date. 


Also on the time train spring was what one assumes was a repairer's signature; far more legible. Aubry Nov (November?) 1918. It is far clearer as would be expected from a making made 106 years later. If the marking is for the date of November 1918, it would be a momentous time for anyone in France or Europe as this was the month that WWI had ended.


This scratching is found on the rear of the main dial mount. The writing is a bit difficult to accurately decipher here too: "Henry Bernguid, Solmjsigng Mouse, 1897. Anyone who can shed any light on this is welcome to contact me.

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