The bottom mounting plate is made of 3/8" thick cast iron weighs about 40 lb. The hands on the meter dial were soldered on their arbors and not removable without breaking the solder joints. This was probably done to avoid tampering with the readings reported on the meter. Rather than re-soldering, and risking the heat involved to the enameled face, the hands were epoxied on and the solder hump recreated in epoxy and then painted. All hands were positioned at the zero point so each dial would read the proper fraction of the dial before it. The center sweep hand turns once every 10 minutes indicating 10,000 gallons. Each dial progresses by a factor of ten to the final dial of 1 billion gallons. In terms of time, the last dial takes 1 million minutes or 1.90 years to turn once. All of the parts had a quality fit and finish in the tradition of fine English horological craftsmanship. The movement plates and even the 1/4' thick edges were beautifully damascened.

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