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Single train, cast iron plate and spacer type frame. Graham deadbeat escapement. One second wooden rod pendulum. Bolt and shutter type maintaining power. Movement equipped with 30 second differential type gravity remontoire. Eight day duration in normal tower setting. 12"w x 20"h x 11"d. Municipal dedication plate is present.

This clock contains an extra wheel in the movement making it an eight day duration as opposed to the often 30 hour duration found in this type of clock. This movement was originally part of a modular frame design that contained three separate trains for the time, hour and quarter strike functions. An example of the full three trains can be found here. Notice the similarities in the frame design. Also look at the Schwilgué on the same tower clock page as this movement appears. The strike trains were nearly identical across these maker's lines. It appears that these makers either bought parts from each other or from common suppliers and foundries. It should be noted that Schwilgué was later acquired by Ungerer so the identical designs between these firms is explained.

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