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The clock as found was in poor condition. Most of the arbors were extensively corroded as were many of the blued screws. Total parts count 130. All parts were first degreased in an ultrasonic cleaner. Brass parts were polished by hand. Arbors were turned on a small lathe using several grades of wet-dry sandpaper to obtain a polished surface. All pivots were polished. Blued screws were re-polished, cleaned and re-blued using a hot air heat gun. The original dome was gone and it was impossible to find an oval dome to fit the old base. The decorative wood stand was carefully removed from the old base and fitted onto a new one to accommodate a new glass dome. Below are a few before and after shots.

DSC05751.JPG (574190 bytes)  DSC06438.JPG (595122 bytes)

DSC05754.JPG (566661 bytes)  DSC06414.JPG (607728 bytes)

DSC05755.JPG (564404 bytes)  DSC06413.JPG (585453 bytes)

DSC05757.JPG (558175 bytes)  DSC05822.JPG (570765 bytes)

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