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Maker, E. Dent, London, England, Model, Strutt Epicyclical. 1974. 9"h x 11.5"w x 8"d excluding case. This is another in a series of replicas made by Dent based upon earlier famous designs. William Strutt designed his epicyclical geared clock in the late 1820's and his friend William Wigston built it. Because of the difficulties involved in making epicyclical gears very few were made by Strutt and Wigston. The visual fascination of epicyclical gearing (also more commonly referred to as 'sun and planet gearing') has subsequently inspired many copies of the clock. This model was a limited edition of 100 made between November of 1973 and February 1974 and were sold mainly to the United States for $3500. This one is #32. Epicyclical gearing has been used in orrerys and is extensively used in transmissions for all sorts of machinery, including automobiles.


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Below is a diagram taken from British Skeleton Clocks, by Derek Roberts explaining the epicyclical gearing in this clock.

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