Maker Arnold, London, England, c. 1870's. 6.5"w x 11"h x 4"d net of base and dome.  A small English ivy leaf design frame. This clock began as a conventional clock from a standard maker perhaps Evans of Handsworth or a Smith of Clerkenwell. It had been altered to a unique detent chronometer escapement design presumably by the maker whose name is on the plate. Upon close inspection it was originally a pendulum driven, passing strike clock. There are numerous filled as well as unfilled holes in the frame. Too many to account for the missing strike and conventional pendulum. Likely this was used as a test bed for an evolving escapement design. The escapement has jeweled pivots and end stones.  This clock is featured in British Skeleton Clocks, Derek - Roberts, pg. 193 and 194. For a more detailed explanation and line drawings click here.

Provenance: Norman Langmaid Collection, USA

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