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After disassembly, the movement was completely degreased, cleaned and restored. The movement was in excellent condition and required no repairs. Most bearings were jeweled. However some of the electro-mechanical levers as well as a few points in the motion works needed cleaning and oil. All of the pillars their positions on the main plates as well as their screws were numbered or marked so one knew their proper mating positions. It was discovered that at some point in the past someone had improperly assembled two of the pillars and screws, this was corrected. Note the fact that the porcelain dial is made of two parts.

The clock was driven by a 9 volt battery. Originally this clock would have been driven by a continuous DC supply with a battery for backup in case of main power supply failure. Running the clock only from a small battery would result in the battery being exhausted within a few days. I hooked up a small AC to DC converter to run the clock and found that after cleaning 9 volts delivered too much of a 'kick' to the balance wheel; 6 volts was satisfactory.

Below are pictures of the re-assembly.

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